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    Manku Kapak - Verlieren CD

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    The band looked a little bit around their tape collections and found some stuff which hasn't yet been published. The CD comes with five very last songs and a video clip of the song "l(i)ebe(n)" in a D.I.Y. gatefold. It also contains a lyric sheet and images from the filmshot. The film was shot by Nicolas H├╝depohl in Dangast in the Wadden Sea on a november day in 2014. To say thank you to the involved people they went back to their handicraft-room and tinkered this.

    Track- /Datalist:

    I. Requiem [27. Januar 2012 Proberaum Bremen-Farge]

    II. Ich gehe nicht, vielleicht bleibe ich stehen, doch niemals werde ich gehen...[Dezember 2014 Proberaum Bremen-Farge]

    III. Vierunddrei├čig [29. Dezember 2014 Darmstadt Oettinger Villa, mit Torpedo Holiday]

    IV. Revolution [Dezember 2014 Proberaum Bremen-Farge]

    V. Vergessen [3.Juni 2011 Kinderzimmer Bremen, mit I found myself in Austin, Texas]

    VI. Manku Kapak - L(i)ebe(n).mp4